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We were raised in a small village in Portugal with wood-fired ovens where outdoor cooking is a way of life, gathering friends and family for all occasions.

The most passionate food lovers we have ever met and everything that is cooked is delicious.

And even though we understand most of you will not be cooking outdoors every day, we are certain that the memories you will have will warm your heart. Growing up with a mom like Mamma M made us aware that modern technology cannot substitute the true passion and love for cooking. The aromas that fill the air, watching the fire come alive and the anticipation for the meal to come is one of life's simplest pleasures. Food brings people together.

One morning we decided to offer Mamma M a new wood-burning oven. Not that there was anything wrong with her original oven. Handmade by her husband as a gift for her passion.

We looked everywhere in Portugal and we were so disappointed. The quality and the design were not worthy of such a special lady.

So we decided to build our own. And after selling 600 ovens we figured out that maybe we are onto something special. 

Our wonderful craftsmen are connoisseurs of the art of building wood-fired ovens. Each oven is handmade with such love and expertise that every time an oven leaves "home" we feel the emotional goodbye and hope they will go to a good home.

We know it sounds silly but that is what true love is all about. Passion and love for cooking in our ovens are contagious.

We sincerely hope that you surround yourself with family and friends, and share delicious home-cooked meals while delighting your palates.

And this our friends is our gift to you. And the reason our ovens are more than a just a pizza oven. 


PS - Update on Mamma M

Still baking fresh bread and every type of conceivable food :)​​