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  • Segmented Model

    Product description:
    • 100% refractory cement 
    • Assembly required
    • Easy assembly
    • Base is break proof protected
    • Base - food grade
    • External size: 44" x 44" 
    • Internal diameter: 34"
    • Door: 21" x 13" ( wide single standing stainless steel door )
    • Weight: 800 lbs
    • Easy finish - Please view examples from previous clients above. 

      KIT includes:
      • 4 x dome parts
      • 1 x insulated and food grade base ( fully assembled)
      • 1 x stainless steel door with heat resistant handle
      • 4 x removable lifting handles
      • 1 x pale of refractory cement 
      • 3 x chimney plugs ( you choose chimney location)
      Additional information:
      The oven is delivered on a pallet and is crated.
      The base is fully assembled and has four handles for easy lifting.
      We recommend the hight of the stand reach your elbow.
      Place the base of the oven on your stand. 
      Prepare the refractory cement ( as per instructions on pale)
      Install dome parts. Do not place mortar on joints.
      Cover your oven with insulation 1/2" thickness.
      Proceed with a coat of refractory mortar.
      Keep your oven plain or finish with tiles, stone etc 
      We recommend 5" diameter chimney and rain cap. 
      Proceed with the curing process.
    • Shipping

      • $200 Economy Freight Shipping - Residential delivery, Delivery ( curbside )


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      • Delivery varies by states on average takes about 5 - 7 business days


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