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  • Tudor Model Brick & Stone

    External Size: 44" x 44" x 40" 

    Internal diameter: 34"  

    Weight: 2000 lbs

    Gas burner ready: Prepared to receive a gas burner. Gas burner not included but available for purchase at any date. Insulated mushroom plug included for exclusive wood use.


      • Hand made in Portugal

      • Low dome

      • No galvanized products

      • Dome: Clad in natural stone (NOT CAST STONE)
      • Dome Insulation: Yes (Rock wool)
      • Floor Insulation: Yes
      • Dome Material: Refractory brick
      • Floor Material: Refractory brick 
      • Chimney: Yes - Stainless steel with damper
      • Door: Cast iron tempered glass door.
      • Arch: Brick with high alumina content.
      • Base: Insulated / Steel / Break proof  (Steel) 
      • 4 lifting handles: Yes (Removable)
      • Handmade: Yes
      • Gas Burner: Prepared
      • Fuel: Wood or Gas


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